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    Rockworld is the best and most specialized carp fishing store in the European market. Here you\'ll find everything you need for your carp fishing session.


    Sales are conducted through both an online store and a brick-and-mortar shop. In our vast warehouse, you\'ll find tens of thousands of specialized, high-quality carp fishing products to satisfy even the most demanding carp anglers.

    Rockworld is not just a fishing tackle shop, but above all, it\'s about people - enthusiasts of carp fishing! More than 20 dedicated and experienced employees, committed to the highest level of customer service, offering expert advice to both beginners and professional anglers - that\'s definitely the strength that sets our store apart from the competition!

    We invite and encourage you to shop safely.

    Rockworld  - E-Gift Card - in Your Inbox Within 15 Minutes!

    Rockworld - E-Gift Card - in Your Inbox Within 15 Minutes!

    Gift Voucher - A perfect gift of any value for every carp angler!

    10,36 USD
    you receive 0,00 pts
    Special offer
    Rockworld Karplendarz 2024

    Rockworld Karplendarz 2024

    Carp Calendar 2024

    2,07 USD
    Category price: 10,36 / -80%
    Min. price from 30 days before the discount: 12.74 / -84%
    Special offer
    Prologic C-Series Twin Support 3 Rod Pod

    Prologic C-Series Twin Support 3 Rod Pod

    Rod Stand

    58,00 USD
    Category price: 68,78 / -16%
    Min. price from 30 days before the discount: 71.34 / -19%
    Special offer
    JRC Radar CX Set Blue

    JRC Radar CX Set Blue

    Bite Alarm Set with Receiver

    from 168,83 USD
    Category price from: 188,51 / -10%
    Min. price from 30 days before the discount from: 207.66 / -19%
    Mivardi Entrix Bivvy XL

    Mivardi Entrix Bivvy XL

    Carp Tent

    231,80 USD
    you receive 2,40 pts
    JRC Extreme TX2 Sleep System Wide

    JRC Extreme TX2 Sleep System Wide

    Carp Bedchair with Sleeping Bag

    467,13 USD
    Category price: 480,60 / -3%
    Min. price from 30 days before the discount: 574.57 / -19%
    Special offer
    Starbaits Grab&Go Global Boilies - Mega Fish

    Starbaits Grab&Go Global Boilies - Mega Fish

    Fish boilies

    39,14 USD
    Category price: 58,00 / -33%
    Min. price from 30 days before the discount: 58.35 / -33%
    Shimano Tribal TX-7

    Shimano Tribal TX-7

    Carp Fishing Rod

    265,16 USD
    Category price: 279,45 / -5%
    Min. price from 30 days before the discount: 249.69
    SHIMANO Ultegra XR 14000 XTD

    SHIMANO Ultegra XR 14000 XTD

    Ultegra XR 14000 XTD Front Drag Reel

    306,59 USD
    Category price: 316,74 / -3%
    Min. price from 30 days before the discount: 328.69 / -7%
    SHIMANO Ultegra XR 14000 XSD

    SHIMANO Ultegra XR 14000 XSD

    Reel with front brake Ultegra XR 14000 XSD

    306,59 USD
    Category price: 316,74 / -3%
    Min. price from 30 days before the discount: 328.69 / -7%
    Get to know our customers' opinions
    Opinion: 5.0
    Bogate wyposażenie sklepu i miła profesjonalna obsługa.
    Facebook reviews
    Opinion: 5.0
    Maximálisan meg vagyok elégedve csak ajánlani tudom őket! :) Csütörtökön rendeltem, ráadásul Debrecenbe a csomagot, Kedden már át is vettem, tökéletes csomagolás, szépen minden bele pakolva, ami olyan volt, még külön be lett csomagolva nehogy sérüljön. Rengeteg olyan termékük volt/van ami itthon nem is kapható (még, vagy már), így lesz még a közel jövőben tőlük rendelésem! :D
    Google reviews
    Opinion: 5.0
    Podoba mi się podejście do klienta, nie traktują ich jak zbędny element ich pracy. Możliwość negocjacji ceny, gra w otwarte karty. Fachowa obsługa, która wie co sprzedaje. Mają wszystko czego karpiarzowi potrzeba. Czasami ciężko się dodzwonić, ale opcja oddzwaniania jest super. Oby tak dalej Panowie. Pozdrawiam
    Opinie Trusted Shops
    Opinion: 5.0
    Negozio molto fornito e prezzi vantaggiosi ragazzi disponibili ho ordinato 3 foderi per canne da 10ft ma non erano disponibili e mi hanno offerto di prendere 3 foderi di un’altra azienda che il costo era più alto ma messi allo stesso pezzo di quelli che avevo ordinato .grazie ancora.
    Google reviews
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    04 brand 2024 r. | Adrian Baron
    Choosing the Right Carp Weighing Scale for Carp FishingWhen it comes to weighing your catch in carp fishing, selecting the appropriate scale is crucial to ensure accurate measurements and safe handlin

    Choosing the right carp scale is not as straightforward as it may seem. Currently, there are two types of carp scales available on the market. These are mechanical scales and digital scales. Both types have their own disadvantages and advantages. When selecting a scale, it's also important to consider the size of the fish we are catching, as there are scales with both smaller and larger weight capacities.

    read more »
    22 February 2024 r. | Mariusz Posmyk
    Choosing the Right Rod for a Beginner Carp Angler

    Carp fishing is a fascinating and challenging angling discipline that's gaining increased popularity. For the novice carp angler, choosing the right rod can seem like a daunting task, but don't worry, in this article we'll discuss what to consider when selecting a rod.

    read more »
    19 February 2024 r. | Piotr Wardenga
    Choosing the Right Sling

    A carp sling bag is undoubtedly an essential piece of equipment for every carp angler. It not only allows for the weighing of the caught fish but also ensures the safe transport of the fish from the water to the unhooking mat and a safe return from the mat back into the water.

    read more »
    All entriesQuick Tips
    07 February 2024 r. | Mariusz Posmyk
    Ronnie Rig - The Most Effective Leader for Floating Baits

    The Ronnie Rig has taken the carp fishing world by storm over the past few years and has become one of the best rigs for catching big carp on floating baits.

    In my opinion, its key feature is its ability to "reset itself." Once cast into the water, this rig will always present itself perfectly. When dealing with a lot of small fish in the venue, some of our rigs can be lifted, moved around, and can end up presenting poorly, which affects hookset efficiency negatively. With the Ronnie Rig, this issue will never occur.

    read more »
    07 February 2024 r. | Adrian Baron
    Knotless Knot - A Classic Rig Used in Carp Fishing

    The "Knotless Knot" is a fundamental yet simplest rig in carp fishing. It gained popularity in the early nineties and has forever changed carp fishing around the world.

    It could even be said that this rig provided the foundation for one of the most popular methods in fishing today, which is carp angling. Thanks to its simplicity and the complete elimination of the weakest link, the knot, the material upon which it is tied retains practically 100% of its strength.

    read more »
    07 February 2024 r. | Adam Skrzypek
    Kevlar Slip D-Rig - Anti-snag Leader

    Through years of carp fishing, it has become almost essential for me to fish in snaggy areas where usually the branches of submerged trees are covered with raciznic algae. Though the saying "where there are sticks, there are results" may be considered a cliché, for me, it often becomes a necessary condition when choosing a spot to lay my rig.

    I simply can't fish any other way/don't want to. To "carp" safely in snag-ridden places, I must have confidence in the rig I'm using. In such situations, I only use the Kevlar Slip D-Rig.

    read more »
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    everything about it

    We are a specialized carp fishing store, employing experts who can give precise advice to both those who are just starting their journey in carp fishing and more experienced carp anglers.

    Our company is a modern sales showroom, a huge warehouse, and tens of thousands of products! However, what is most valuable in our company are the people! 20 dedicated employees who ensure continuous development and a unique atmosphere, which makes Rockworld the Best Carp Fishing Shop in Poland!

    If you would like to learn more about us and our cheerful team, we invite you to visit our about us page!

    Get to know us better »

    A Few Words About Our Range
    Our storeOur store

    In our range, you will find tens of thousands of products! We have everything a carp angler needs for a successful session. Below we present a few of our main departments.

    We specialize mainly in carp baits and accessories. We also have a wide range of heavier carp gear such as rods or bivvies. Our core products include: Boilies, Floating Boilies, and Carp Pellets.

    Of course, baits are not the only thing we have to offer. In our catalog, you will also find: Carp Accessories, Rig Components, and Carp Hooks, as well as larger carp equipment, such as: Carp Bivvies, Carp Luggage, Rods and Reels for carp fishing.


    Boilies, pop-ups, pellets, seeds, nuts

    Boilies, mainly used in carp and grass carp fishing, are made from high-protein ingredients with added flavors and attractants that additionally stimulate fish to feed.

    In our offer, you will find baits from both Polish and international manufacturers such as: CC Moore, Rod Hutchinson, Starbaits, Nutrabaits, Solar, Mainline, Dynamite Baits, JetFish, Tandem Baits, Nanobaits, Karel Nikl, Nano Baits, Sticky Baits, Carp Only Nash.

    Additionally, at Rockworld store, you will also find a rich selection of floating boilies and feed pellets

    Go to the boilies section

    Bivvies, beds, chairs, sleeping bags

    Comfort during a session is fundamental! That's why it's so important to invest in equipment that will provide us with comfort in every aspect.

    Carp bivvies with their design will provide a safe and comfortable shelter for both short and multi-day sessions. Carp bivvies are larger than ordinary, tourist tents to accommodate at least one carp bed, and the material used for their production, both the coating and the tensioning system, is extremely strong to face even the most challenging weather conditions. In our store, you will also find a complete range of carp beds, chairs and armchairs, as well as warm and multi-season carp sleeping bags.

    Go to the bivvies section
    Carp rods

    Carp Rods, Reels, Bite Alarms, Rod Pods and Supports

    "Carp rods" are most often made from carbon fiber with a specific layout of guides and a split handle for a secure grip during casting.

    We can boast a rich offer of carp rods from world-renowned manufacturers such as: Shimano, Fox, Nash, Sonik, Sportex, and Greys.

    We will help you match the right reel, set of bite alarms, rod pod, or support for every rod. We will also suggest a fishing line tailored to your style of fishing.

    Go to the carp rods section

    Carp Fishing Accessories, rig components, carp hooks, weights

    A whole range of details that are very significant for every carp angler. Scissors, needles, hooks, clips, beads, and a rich offer of what's commonly referred to as "carp jewelry."

    We offer a wide selection of carp hooks from the medium to high-end range, including barbless as well as traditional barbed or micro-barbed hooks.

    We can also provide you with a whole palette of carp weights, varying in shapes, colors, sizes, and also the materials they are made from. In our assortment, you will find both lead weights and the increasingly popular stone weights.

    Go to the accessories section
    Luggage, covers, bags

    Luggage, bags, covers

    Proper storage and transportation of often expensive carp gear require the use of suitable transport bags and covers.

    Fishing bags, rod covers, carp bags, carp backpacks fitting the basic equipment of a mobile angler, as well as insulated bags that maintain the proper temperature of food in field conditions - all this can be found in our store in the Covers and Bags section.

    A well-made carp bag is characterized by resistance to abrasion, and in many cases, it offers protection against water in the most vulnerable zones.

    Go to the Covers, Bags section
    Carp clothing

    Carp clothing, boots, jackets, waders

    Carp clothing is designed to ensure comfort and to protect against the cold and moisture, guaranteeing comfort. This allows the angler to focus on the struggle with the aquatic adversary.

    We have composed our offer so that every carp angler can find a complete set of clothing for all weather conditions. We sell trousers and shorts as well as waders – the most critical piece of fishing attire, especially valuable when you have to stand in the water while fishing. We also offer t-shirts and sweatshirts, as well as comfortable jackets. Carp clothing is available in many sizes, for both women and men.

    Go to the clothing section
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    47-400 Racibórz
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    Online Store:

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