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    Quick TipsKnotless Knot - A Classic Rig Used in Carp Fishing
    07 February 2024 r.
    Adrian Baron

    Knotless Knot - A Classic Rig Used in Carp Fishing

    The "Knotless Knot" is a fundamental yet simplest rig in carp fishing. It gained popularity in the early nineties and has forever changed carp fishing around the world.

    It could even be said that this rig provided the foundation for one of the most popular methods in fishing today, which is carp angling. Thanks to its simplicity and the complete elimination of the weakest link, the knot, the material upon which it is tied retains practically 100% of its strength.

    When is the best time to use this rig?

    This type of rig excels especially with sinking baits, starting with boilies, through pellets to all kinds of particles. It is also highly effective when used with balanced baits such as wafters or combinations of sinking and floating baits, known as 'snowman' setups.

    The following materials are required to make this rig:

    1. Soft braided hooklink material
    2. Bait stop for securing the bait on the hair
    3. Carp hook
    4. Scissors for cutting the braided line
    5. Baiting needle for threading bait onto the hair
    6. Knot puller for tightening knots
    7. Bait, in this case a boilie


    You'll find them here:
    Nash ArmourLink
    type 20 lb Gravel
    15,72 USD
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    Nash Twister
    size 2
    5,79 USD
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    Nash Hair Stops
    size large
    3,51 USD
    Buy »
    Nash Cutters
    packaging 1 piece
    7,45 USD
    Buy »
    Nash Knot Puller New
    packaging 1 piece
    5,79 USD
    Buy »
    Nash Boilie Needle
    packaging 1 piece
    4,34 USD
    Buy »
    CcMoore Hard Hookbaits - Live System
    size 18 mm
    9,52 USD
    Buy »

    Steps to follow:

    1 Measure the appropriate length of the leader braid and then cut it using scissors.
    2 For more comfortable execution of subsequent steps, it is worthwhile to cut a slightly longer section of the material. The optimal length for a rig is approximately 20-25 cm, however, I encourage experimenting with extending it when fishing over muddy bottoms or shortening it when setting up on a hard, gravelly fishing spot.
    3 On one end of the braid, tie a small loop which will be used for attaching the bait to the "hair" as well as for securing the stopper.
    4 Choosing the Right Bait.
    5 Using the needle, thread the bait onto the previously tied loop.
    6 We are preparing bait stoppers for securing the bait on the hair rig.
    7 We insert the stopper into the loop drawn through the bait and tighten. The stopper secures the bait from sliding off the hair.
    8 Choosing the Right Carp Hook.
    9 Thread the free end of the braid through the eye of the hook. This should be done from the hook's outer side as shown in the picture.
    10 We determine the length of the hair rig. The previously set bait will definitely make this task easier.
    11 We're starting to tie the "knotless knot".
    12 It's important to pay attention to which direction we start wrapping the braid around the hook shank. Ideally, we should do it towards the gentle bend of the eye, as this minimizes the risk of the coils slipping off under heavy loads and also prevents the braid from wearing against the not always smoothly finished eye termination.
    13 We make several (optimally 7-8) wraps around the shank of the hook, moving towards the bend of the hook.
    14 We return to wrapping towards the hook eye, doing this a maximum of 2-3 times.
    15 Thread the braid through the hook eye again, remembering to do it from the outer side of the hook.
    16 Remember to arrange the coils of your braid on the hook shank so that the "hair," which is the section with the mounted bait, extends perfectly from the external side (the back) of the hook.
    17 Tie the free end of the braid with a classic "figure-eight" loop.
    18 Using a puller tool/scissors, tension the ready-made rig so that the coils and loop tighten appropriately.
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