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    Quick TipsKevlar Slip D-Rig - Anti-snag Leader
    07 February 2024 r.
    Adam Skrzypek

    Kevlar Slip D-Rig - Anti-snag Leader

    Through years of carp fishing, it has become almost essential for me to fish in snaggy areas where usually the branches of submerged trees are covered with raciznic algae. Though the saying "where there are sticks, there are results" may be considered a cliché, for me, it often becomes a necessary condition when choosing a spot to lay my rig.

    I simply can't fish any other way/don't want to. To "carp" safely in snag-ridden places, I must have confidence in the rig I'm using. In such situations, I only use the Kevlar Slip D-Rig.

    Key Elements of the Kevlar Slip D-Rig:

    In this rig, it is particularly important to use PB Products Hollow Kevlar 80lb as the leader material. Snag leaders are often made from a velvety fabric. They perform excellently when used as intended, but when tying this specific rig using a heavy leader, the "roughness" of the PB Kevlar is essential. Additionally, the use of the Nash Twister Long Shank hook is, in my view, the only correct choice for this setup. The extended, straight shank perfectly arranges the D loop and enhances hook setting.

    I consider the Kevlar Slip-D Rig to be the most durable carp rig due to the materials used. Hollow Kevlar PB Products 80lb and Nash Twister Long Shank hook in size 2 are, without a doubt, components for special tasks. If you have ever pulled a cut or broken rig out of the water, you should try this solution.

    This rig was introduced to me several years ago by my good friend Arek Klimaszka, who has perfected it. By spending entire seasons on the most technically challenging gravel pits in Poland and beyond, he manages to pull huge carp from spots where it is very difficult. I have introduced a modification to this rig, instead of creating classic loops finished with a "figure-eight" knot as Arek does, I decided to splice both ends of the rig using a needle as with leadcore materials, because Hollow Kevlar allows it.


    To tie this rig, you will need:

    1. Kevlar-reinforced snag leader Snag leader Hollow Kevlar PB Products 80lb
    2. Carp hook Nash Twister Long Shank size 2
    3. Micro swivel with ring (hook ring swivel)
    4. Weights Fox Kwik Change Pop Up Weights size BB
    5. Hooks positioning beads Fox Flippas tungsten size 1-5
    6. Knot pullers
    7. Bait floss
    8. Anti-tangle sleeve
    9. Baiting needle
    10. Leadcore threading needle
    11. Lighter
    12. Baits, in my case protein balls


    You'll find them here:
    PB Hollow Kevlar Braid
    color Weed / Green
    27,81 USD
    Buy »
    Nash Twister Long Shank
    size 2
    5,77 USD
    Buy »
    Nash Hook Ring Swivels
    packaging 10 pieces
    4,33 USD
    Buy »
    Fox Kwik Change Pop Up Weights
    size BB (0,4g)
    5,56 USD
    Buy »
    Fox EDGES Essential Tungsten Flippas
    packaging 10szt
    4,94 USD
    Buy »
    Korda Pulla Tool
    packaging 1 piece
    5,15 USD
    Buy »
    Korda Bait Floss
    packaging 30m
    5,56 USD
    Buy »
    Fox CAMO Anti Tangle Sleeves
    size Standard
    3,71 USD
    Buy »
    Korda Splicing Needle
    packaging 1 piece
    3,91 USD
    Buy »
    Korda Heavy Latch Needle
    packaging 1 piece
    3,91 USD
    Buy »
    Rockworld - Lighter
    color yellow
    1,03 USD
    Buy »
    Eko Baits Gold Series Hookbaits - King Squid
    diameter 20/24 mm
    5,56 USD
    Buy »
    Eko Baits Wafters - King Squid
    diameter 15/20mm
    7,21 USD
    Buy »

    Steps to follow:

    1 Prepare the PB Products Hollow Kevlar material.
    2 Trim approximately 40cm of the material.
    3 Prepare your splicing needle for threading leadcore material.
    4 Thread approximately 7 cm section of Hollow Kevlar PB using a needle.
    5 While "tightening" the material, insert the end of the puller into the forming loop, which will give it the proper size and also facilitate the correct "tightening" of all the knots.
    6 Proceed in the same manner with the other end of the leader material.
    7 After creating both braids, place the pulling tools in both loops and, using the appropriate force, stretch the material - the braids will settle properly, preventing the loops from becoming loose, which is the last thing you'd want to happen during the fight with a big carp....
    8 Kevlar Slip D-Rig Leader Material Ready to Craft Your Rig!
    9 Prepare Your Hook.
    10 Thread the "Kevlar" loop through the hook eye by inserting it from the inner side of the hook.
    11 Prepare a micro swivel with a ring that will serve for bait attachment.
    12 Thread the micro swivel ring onto the loop that you just passed through the eye of the hook.
    13 Thread the same loop, onto which you have just attached a micro swivel, through the point of the hook.
    14 Form a loop by anchoring it around the hook shank, as shown in the photo. The resulting "D" loop will allow the swivel with the attached bait to move freely.
    15 Prepare boilies to use as bait. I chose a 20mm bait boilie, which was "suspended" with a 16mm balanced boilie.
    16 Thread your chosen baits onto the needle.
    17 Prepare Baitfloss Thread.
    18 Cut a 20cm section of the hooklink material, then thread it through the eye of the micro swivel located on the "D" loop.
    19 Fold the threaded line in half so that both ends are roughly the same length, and then use a needle to thread the bait.
    20 Properly "set up" your baits on the baitfloss. You can maintain a slight distance from the swivel as in this case, or completely "pull" the baits up to the micro swivel - it all depends on the combination of the number and size of baits, as well as your personal preferences.
    21 Trim any excess thread from the baits so that about 1.5-2cm "whiskers" remain.
    22 Singe off the remaining "whiskers" and then, while still hot, press down with the side of the lighter.
    23 By flattening the burnt "whiskers", a sort of stopper has been created that effectively keeps the bait on the "hair".
    24 Prepare the Positioner.
    25 Thread the positioner onto the needle.
    26 Thread the Flippas positioner onto the "Kevlar" using a latch needle, starting from the side with the remaining loop.
    27 Slide the hook aligner onto the hook eye. By utilizing a hook aligner, once the fish sucks in the bait, the hook will position itself appropriately in its mouth, directing the point towards its lower lip. Furthermore, the use of a hook aligner allows for quick and multiple hook changes when required.
    28 An additional factor that positions the hook when it's inhaled by the fish is the weight, which is mounted 2-3 cm behind the hook's eye on the leader material. To this end, I thread micro weights, Fox Kwik Change Pop Up Weights in size BB, onto the "Kevlar".
    29 Slide the Kwik Change weight onto the hooklink material and set its final position.
    30 Insert the special rubber protection into the weight's slit, which is used to secure it on the hooklink material.
    31 Trim off the excess rubber protection.
    32 The final step is to attach an anti-tangle sleeve, which allows you to quickly change the leader on your rig, even when you're in the middle of the lake on a boat.
    33 Thread the anti-tangle sleeve onto the gated needle.
    34 Hook the needle tip onto the loop and slide the sleeve onto the rig material.
    35 High-Performance Rig for Tough Conditions with Ready-to-Use Hooks!
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