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    TandemBaits Euro Boilies - Strawberry

    Protein Bait Balls / Tandem Baits

    OptionCena USDQuantity
    size 18 mm / 1 kg
    : 1 pcs.

    Expected dispatch over 48h

    Due to a high volume of orders, preparing your shipment may take longer than 48 hours*. The preparation time is counted from the moment the order is placed or the transfer confirmation is received. *on business days.

    size 22 mm / 1 kg
    size 18 mm / 10 kg
    availableThe warehouse status "available" means that the product can be purchased in any quantity. If it is not available in our warehouse or we do not have enough stock to fulfill your order, the product will be backordered from the manufacturer and delivered according to the provided possible shipping dates.
    : 3 pcs.

    Expected dispatch over 48h

    Due to a high volume of orders, preparing your shipment may take longer than 48 hours*. The preparation time is counted from the moment the order is placed or the transfer confirmation is received. *on business days.

    size 22 mm / 10 kg
    availableThe warehouse status "available" means you can purchase the product in any quantity. This product is fulfilled from an external warehouse (manufacturer). Shipment will occur immediately after we receive the goods, in accordance with the provided possible shipping dates.
    Shipping possible: from 2 to 28 days

    This product is located at an external warehouse or the manufacturer\'s warehouse. We need a few days to prepare it for shipment.

    * All prices include VAT.
    Producent: Tandem Baits
    Delivery from: 0.00 USD
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    Description of the product

    Tandem Baits Euro Boilies Strawberry Protein Balls

    The Euro Boilies series of bait protein balls with a strawberry scent have conquered the market in their field due to their excellent quality to price ratio. Their effectiveness is primarily based on FRESH ingredients, which are often more successful than the most expensive additives that may have lost their properties from sitting too long in warehouses... Additionally, the correct balance of nutrients combined with effective flavours and oils that gradually release into the water create a ball that is especially effective during heavy baiting in large venues or rivers, and not only there. The balls contain coarse-grain additives, plant flours, and seed blends that influence their proper performance in the fishery. Euro Boilies can also be successfully used as hook bait; we then suggest soaking it in a dip to make it stand out on the bottom with aroma and taste. During warmer times of the year, when the water is full of natural scents from blooming water or silt, we propose to turbo-charge the balls with Attrat Booster or Attract Activator boosters, making the scents more prominent and effectively attracting fish.

    Product Specifications:

    • Protein bait balls
    • Strawberry aroma
    • Unquestioned leader in its price range
    • Formulated with fresh ingredients, which is the secret to their effectiveness
    • Based on a fatty mixture with the addition of coarser fractions and seed blends
    • Packed with top Tandem Baits flavours and oils
    • The structure of the ball gradually releases aromas, which results in long-term effective attraction
    • Developed based on many years of experience
    • A product that has maintained its market presence for a long time, which attests to its effectiveness
    • Can also be used successfully as hook bait
    • Excellent for long-term baiting in large reservoirs or rivers, also effective for quick, weekend trips

    Available diameters: 18 mm, 22mm

    Packaging: 1kg or 10kg

    Tag: Bait, Baits, Balls, Boilies, Euro, Protein, Strawberry, Tandem, TandemBaits

    The online store operator reserves the right to temporary unavailability of the offered products in the quantity, color, or size requested by the Customer.

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    confirmed purchase
    6 brand 2024
    added on
    Z czystym sumieniem mogę polecić każdemu kto ma ochotę na ładne karpie.
    confirmed purchase
    20 September 2023
    added on
    confirmed purchase
    16 January 2022
    added on
    Średnia jakość.
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