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    16 November 2023 r.

    TOP 5 Bivvy Lights of 2024

    Carp fishing is a discipline within angling that often requires dedicating several days and nights to catch a single, sizable carp. Therefore, it's important for the carp angler to have a well-assembled collection of bivouac equipment to enable a comfortable wait for that dream catch. One of the essential elements of a bivouac is its lighting, which is why we have decided to create a list of the best bivouac lamps featuring practical functions tailored to the needs of anglers.

    What distinguishes a bivvy light for anglers?

    A bivvy light tailored to the needs of anglers has all the features of lights used in classic camping. However, there are several functionalities that are particularly desired and implemented in every device meant to serve as lighting for an angler's bivouac. An important feature is the ability to select several brightness levels, making it easier to adjust the light to illuminate a small tent or a large social tent, where naturally more light is needed. Speaking of light, it's also worth mentioning its colors. Besides classic white light, bivvy lights for anglers often use other colors that have a light spectrum that does not attract insects. Also important in a light dedicated to anglers is the mounting system, which should allow for hanging or setting it up in several ways. High-quality bivvy lights for anglers usually have a built-in rechargeable battery, allowing you to charge it at home before the session or to use a power bank while by the water.

    Additional features of angler's bivvy light

    The best angler's bivvy lights, in addition to the features mentioned earlier, also have extra ones that enhance user comfort. Wireless control via a remote is one such function that adds to the comfort of using the light. Thanks to built-in batteries, the best models allow you to use the light as a power bank, enabling you to charge a headlamp or phone.

    Top 5 bivvy lights

    Our selection of the best bivvy lights, according to us, includes both more expensive and slightly cheaper models. However, we can recommend all of them due to their practical solutions that every carp angler needs to feel more comfortable at the bivouac.

    Fox RX+ Light


    The bivvy light from Fox brand is currently the most advanced model on the market. Its capabilities left us no choice but to include it in our top 5 bivvy lights.

    Fox RX+ Light bivvy light offers features unrivaled by any other model in the carp fishing market. It boasts many characteristics that surpass the vast majority of available models. What distinguishes this model the most is its ability to wirelessly pair with 12 devices - Fox RX+ indicators and RX+ Sensor alarms. Thanks to this connection, the light can operate in automatic illumination mode, responding to the signal from the indicator in case of a bite or movement detected by the sensor. It also offers use in constant illumination mode, with light intensity adjustable in 4 different modes, the most powerful reaching 1000 lumens! Additionally, the light, besides standard white, has an orange lighting function, which is important for night fishing as it does not attract insects. A notably practical feature is the versatile mounting combinations available for the light, a unique element. RX+ Light is equipped with a built-in Li-Ion battery with a capacity of 5200 mAh, and the durability of its housing surpasses all other models of bivvy lights for anglers on the market. A separate RX+ Remote control can also be purchased, which allows remote control of the light.

    RidgeMonkey Vault Lite IR180


    RidgeMonkey products have always been admired for their quality and innovative solutions. The Vault Lite IR180 bivvy light, aside from these attributes, is also extremely practical to use, which is why it has earned its place in our lineup of the best bivvy lights.

    An extraordinary light that combines the functions of a flashlight, multi-color lamp, and power bank – all in one! With a flashlight power of up to 180 lumens, you can light up your path like a star at night. Furthermore, with the ability to shine in white, red, and green, you can adapt to the conditions and create a pleasant ambiance. The built-in battery with an impressive capacity of 5200mAh ensures not only prolonged use of the lamp but also allows it to serve as a power bank! The 5V 2.1A output allows for fast device charging. The light's USB-C port makes it easy to connect to a power supply and charge quickly. The smooth intensity control allows you to adjust the brightness to specific needs. The included remote control makes operating the lamp even more convenient. And what about tough conditions? The light complies with the IP67 waterproof standard, ensuring reliability even in extreme situations. The set includes practical accessories: magnetic mounts, a lanyard, and an adjustable rod adapter. Unforgettable outdoor moments gain a new dimension with this versatile light. Battery life from 10 to 240 hours allows for long use on a single charge.

    Trakker Nitelife Bivvy Light Remote 200


    Trakker, a brand regularly featured in our TOP 5 rankings, always surprises with innovative solutions. This time, another proposal from their stable has joined the elite, exceptional for carp fishing enthusiasts. This remarkable bivouac lighting easily earned its position in the top five.

    Nitelife Bivvy Light 200, complete with a remote control, offers multi-colored lighting options, including the amber 'Bug-Less' mode, which helps minimize the number of insects attracted to classic white light. The built-in battery and USB port not only power the light but also allow for charging phones and other devices. A power level indicator informs about the current charge level of the lithium-ion battery, and the waterproof casing protects against moisture. This portable lamp features built-in magnets and a steel plate, enabling easy mounting, for example, to a tent. With a maximum output of 200 lumens, a 4000 mAh battery capacity, and classic USB inputs, it is an indispensable tool for carp fishing enthusiasts. Bright, practical, and ready for every carp adventure!

    Nash Powerbanx Dome Lite


    The Nash Powerbanx Dome Lite bivvy light is yet another entry in our selection, offering features that make it perfect for use during a fishing bivouac.

    Nash Powerbanx Dome Lite is a versatile lamp providing three color options of lighting: white, yellow, and red. Easily adjust it to different conditions remotely using the intuitive, wireless remote control. The smart memory function remembers the last setting, facilitating quick startup – no need to adjust the settings each time. Dome Lite ensures a long operation time from 5 to 11 hours, depending on the chosen mode. Equipped with a hook and carabiner, it enables easy installation on various elements of the bivouac, in a tent or while camping. USB-C charging makes it simple to charge, either at home or directly with a power bank by the water. With an IP65 waterproof certification, the lamp is resistant to moisture and rainfall. Its compact size makes it practical and easy to transport. Not only functional but also durable equipment for every carp angler!

    Smart Indicators SMART LIGHT 2 (Ver. 2)


    Fishing bivouac lighting is not only about illuminating the tent or the area where we wait for a bite. It's also important to light the path we take to reach our rods or the rods themselves during a bite. That's why we decided to include this excellent product, Smart LIGHT, in our selection!

    Lighting compatible with bite alarms from many brands, including Fox, Nash, Delkim, and Gardner, as well as the Smart ALARM motion sensor. Smart LIGHT is not only smart but also functional. Once paired with the dedicated alarm, it automatically lights up upon bite indication or movement detection by the sensor, perfectly illuminating the path to the rods. Powerful LED diodes provide clear light even during intense bites. Managed by a microprocessor, the lighting has a standard thread compatible with most rod supports. The ability to program up to 8 alarms and pair with the Smart-Alarm sensor means this versatile tool will provide excellent lighting for your spot. The receiver range in Smart LIGHT can reach 100 meters, depending on conditions. Adjusting the intensity and duration of the light with a dial allows precise customization of the lighting to individual preferences. Smart LIGHT is powered by batteries (2x AA), and the high energy efficiency allows for up to 100 hours of operation on a single set. Not only practical but also energy-efficient equipment for every angler.

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