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    Monofilament or Braided Line as the Main Line?
    18 September 2023 r.
    Mariusz Posmyk

    Monofilament or Braided Line as the Main Line?

    Both of these materials differ in many aspects and possess their unique features that affect the effectiveness of our fishing. In this article, you will learn more about these two types of main lines and when it's appropriate to use each of them.

    Why Monofilament?

    The history of monofilament lines dates back to 1938, when the DuPont company invented nylon, which revolutionized the textile industry. However, it was not until two decades later that this technology reached the fishing industry. It is characterized by high strength, especially at the knots, even with small diameters, and resistance to abrasion. It is also less visible to fish and relatively inexpensive (compared to braids). Monofilament is flexible, which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. Due to its elasticity, when fishing at a greater distance, we may notice a fish bite relatively late, giving it a chance to head towards an obstacle before we can react. On the other hand, it helps us to cushion the fight during the haul, thus reducing the chance of the hook being pulled from the carp's mouth.

    It is important to remember that UV radiation is definitively the enemy of our lines. This extremely harmful effect can lead to the weakening of the line. Therefore, we recommend replacing the line at least once a year, to ensure its durability and effectiveness.

    Not only the frequency of replacement is important. After each trip, it is worth checking the condition of the line thoroughly. Look for wear, cracks, and other damages. It often happens that the line may be twisted or worn due to the action of the drag during the fish fight. Therefore, try to be particularly careful and accurate in assessing the condition of your line after each use, because otherwise, you may lose the fish of a lifetime.

    Or perhaps Braid?

    Braid is a weave of microfibers, mainly made of polyethylene, known as Dyneema. It is extremely strong and has low stretchability. It is softer than monofilament and has greater strength at a similar diameter.

    In my opinion, braid is unmatched for use in long-distance casting, although it is less prone to sinking compared to regular monofilament. Thanks to braid, we can be sure that our bite indicator will respond immediately after a carp takes the bait. This allows us to gain a few precious meters, trying to bring the rig closer to the most attractive spots, with minimal risk of the carp parking us in a tree. It is worth using braid where necessary, for example in fisheries with large fish and many snags. Its lack of stretchability means that it is ideal for hauling fish over long distances, giving us full control over the fish. However, using it requires some skill and attention, especially when fishing in challenging conditions. The rods I use with braid are very flexible, typical parabolics. A properly selected rod will "forgive" our mistakes during the fight.

    Another extremely important element of our setup when fishing with braids is the leader. It works in conjunction with the rod, providing cushioning, especially during the critical, final phase of the haul. I recommend using a monofilament leader with a diameter above 0.50 mm and a length of several meters.

    In summary, monofilament and braid have their advantages and disadvantages, so it is worth choosing them according to specific needs. Monofilament is versatile and relatively inexpensive, while braid is more durable but costlier and requires more attention during use. It is important to familiarize yourself with the features of both types of lines and adjust them to the specific fishing conditions.

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